In order to offer students a broad-based educational experience, the Department of Architecture employs both full-time and adjunct faculty. All faculty members hold the appropriate degree for their area of instruction and bring many years of professional practice into the design studios and classrooms. Faculty interests and research areas include architectural design, architectural history and theory, sustainable design and materials, structural systems, “affordable” residential design, urban design, interior design, preservation, design foundations, building information modeling, and three-dimensional computer modeling.

In addition to the regular faculty, local architects and designers participate in critiques and also work with students in other ways to enhance the overall learning experience. 

Full Time Faculty

Sherry Bryan, MArch, MS, BS 
Director, Architecture Program
Interim Director, Interior Design Program
Coordinator of Graduate Studies 
Room JO404D, 901.678.3302

Michael Chisamore, MArch, BA 
Director, Center for Sustainable Design
Room JO411, 901.678.4914

Michael Hagge, MArch, MCRP, MPA, BA  
Chair, Department of Architecture
Room JO404C, 901.678.2677

Tim Michael, MArch, BSET (Arch)
Room JO304, 901.678.2724

Jeanne Myers, MHP, BArch
Room JO408, 901.678.2724

Jenna Thompson, MArch, BArch, BIA
Room JO408, 901.678.2724

James Williamson, MArch, BA
Room JO406, 901.678.5669

Adjunct Faculty

Steve Auterman, MUrbDes, BArch
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Jennifer Barker, MArch, BArch
Room JO408, 901.678.2724

Andrew Belew, MArch, BPS
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Andy Kitsinger, MCRP, BArch
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Andrew Parks, MArch, BFA (Arch), BSET (Arch)
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Robin Halbert-Petty, BFA (Arch)
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Pam Hurley, MArch, MFA, BFA
Room JO308, 901.678.2724

Josh Jackson, MArch, BArch
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Tamara Redburn, MArch, BA
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Frank Ricks, BSAT (Arch)
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Jimmie Tucker, MArch, BArch
Room JO404, 901.678.2724

Peter Warren, MArch, BA
Room JO404, 901.678.2724



Degrees:  MArch (Master of Architecture); MCRP (Master of City + Regional Planning); MUrbDes (Master of Urban Design): MDB (Master of Design Build); MHP (Master of Historic Preservation); MPA (Master of Public Administration); MFA (Master of Fine Arts); MS (Master of Science); BArch (Bachelor of Architecture); BAID (Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design); BIA (Bachelor of Interior Architecture); BSCE (Bachelor of Civil Engineering); BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts); BSET (Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology / Architecture); BS (Bachelor of Science); BA (Bachelor of Arts); BPS (Bachelor of Professional Studies)